Stretching for Longevity


Want to add years to your life?

Recent research shows that flexibility exercises can significantly reduce mortality risk. Discover how incorporating simple stretches into your routine can transform your health! 

Think Cardio and Strength Training Are Enough?

Think again! New research reveals that flexibility exercises, done at least five times a week, can reduce your risk of death by 20%. Keep reading to find out why stretching should be a crucial part of your fitness routine!

A recent study on Korean adults highlights the importance of flexibility exercises. Participants who stretched regularly had a significantly lower risk of dying from all causes and cardiovascular issues. Flexibility exercises were just as beneficial as aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, which are often emphasized. This research shows that incorporating stretching into your routine strengthens muscles, improves performance, reduces injuries, and supports arterial health.

Why Stretching Matters

Stretching isn’t just for warming up. Regular flexibility exercises can:

1. Strengthen Muscles:

Improve overall muscle tone and endurance.

2. Enhance Performance:

Better flexibility leads to better athletic performance.

3. Reduce Injuries:

Flexible muscles are less prone to strains and injuries.

4. Benefit Arterial Health:

Stretching supports better circulation and heart health.


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Cho, Y., Jang et al (2023). Aerobic, muscle-strengthening, and flexibility physical activity and risks of all-cause and cause-specific mortality: a population-based prospective cohort of Korean adults. BMC Public Health, 23, 1148. 

Written by Dr. Onna Lo MD June 2024

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