My vision is to create a healthy, happy, and holistic community where
our mind, body, community, and environment are in balance.

Meet Dr. Lo

I became a Family Medicine doctor, because of the whole person approach. It embraces the mind, body, spirit, and interpersonal relationships, recognizing that when we nurture them, they can redefine one’s well wellbeing.

My journey to reverse burnout

I was a Type A, go-getter on the fast track in life. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to be efficient, competitive, and to be good at what I do. I was accepted into an Ivy League medical school as a high school student. I was constantly pushing myself with late nights and caffeine. Suddenly, I developed migraines, asthma attacks and heartburn. I couldn’t even concentrate, read, or talk on the phone.

I saw doctors, I had a battery of tests and scans; the diagnosis didn’t help me. The medications begin to multiply along with the side effects like dry mouth, depression and tiredness. My body was falling apart, and I was losing hope.

Then I decided something had to change.

I looked into nutrition, acupuncture, meditation, yoga and integrative medicine. Then I learned about Functional Medicine, and the approach helped me truly understand the root causes to my health issues: the underlying food allergies, the autoimmune traits in my family, the constant stress response from my conflicting personality of being a perfectionist and an empath. The positive transformation came from taking a step back, hearing what my body needed, and opening my heart to new possibilities.

Since then, I continued to learn many life lessons about burnout. From working 100 hour weeks during my clinical residency, to working in a resource limited clinic that churns out overwhelmed doctors while starting a new family with 2 toddlers. I began working with many patients who are also facing the pressures of work life balance and health issues. Many of them are feeling the struggle of being fatigued, frumpy, grumpy, and depressed. I become adept at recognizing these early signs of burnout, to seeing full blown diseases as a result of these imbalances. It is immensely rewarding.

Now, my mission is simple.
I empower you to ask the right questions about your health; I give you facts that you can trust and tools that you need, so you can have the healthy body, brain and mind to live in vitality and joy.

When I’m not wearing my “doctor hat,” you’ll find me:

• Practicing yoga, mentor students, and teaching meditation.

• Practicing food as medicine in my kitchen, tinkering with herbal tinctures and fermenting any vegetables I get my hands on.

• Bodyboarding, paddle boarding the Pacific Ocean, and backpacking everywhere.

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Certifications & Education


Integrative medicine fellowship UCSF
UCSF Santa Rosa Family Medicine
Warren Alpert Brown University Medical School

Certifications & Memberships

American Board of Family Medicine Board
American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
American Integrative and Holistic Medicine
Institute for Functional Medicine

Professional Training

UCLA Helms Medical Acupuncture Course
Jones Institute Strain Counterstrain Course
Osteopathy of Cranial Field Course
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Institute for Functional Medicine Course
Center for Mind Body Medicine Advanced Course
Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy

Meet the Team

Making foundational health changes can feel overwhelming sometimes. Our health coach will help you identify your motivators while giving you tools to overcome barriers and limitations so you feel prepared and confident about implementing lifestyle changes.

Myrrha Goyokpin

Myrrha is an advocate for ensuring accessible healthcare, and will work to make sure the process is as smooth and simple as can be. She is excited to help you take charge of your health and make sure you feel empowered as you start on this journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Myrrha is currently studying Molecular & Cell Biology at UC Berkeley.

As Patient Care Coordinator, Myrrha will support you, whether it is through lab testing, scheduling, and any other resources you may need so that you can be at your happiest and healthiest!

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