Meet Dr. Lo


I became a Family Medicine doctor, because this specialty acknowledges the whole person and the interconnectedness of the different stages of life. It embraces the mind, body, spirit, and interpersonal relationships, recognizing that when these are nurtured and guided with intention, they can refine and re-define one’s well-being. 

What brought me into practicing medicine with this holistic approach was my own journey. I was a go-getter Type A personality on the fast track in life. I got into the nation’s best high school even though I couldn’t read Catcher in the Rye without using the English dictionary for every other word, and I was accepted into an Ivy League medical school as a high school student. It seemed like a highway to success; but then, I crashed. Suddenly, I developed severe migraines. In addition, I couldn’t read, drive, or even talk on the phone for 10 minutes. I started getting asthma attacks and stress ulcers. It was a full catastrophe. I saw doctors, I had a battery of tests and scans; the diagnosis didn’t help me. I couldn’t function with or without medication. Especially because of the side effects.

Listening to my mother’s advice, I finally took time off from school to return to my home in Hong Kong and looked for alternative treatment. Acupuncture, proper nutrition, nurturing parents, and yoga made me feel better. Then I learned about Functional Medicine, and the approach helped me truly understand the root causes to my health issues: the underlying food allergies, the autoimmune traits in my family, the constant stress response from my conflicting personality of being a perfectionist and an empath. The positive transformation came from taking a step back, hearing what my body needed, and opening my heart to new possibilities. That was transformative.

I am passionate about what I do because I have benefited so much from walking the walk using what I’ve learned from my years of Integrative Medicine training and clinical experiences with thousands of patients. I want to share that special sauce that gives me joy when I play with my children without exhaustion, take excursions without taking a toll on my back and knees, or feel sexy and smart even after a long day with a high intensity career.

My vision is to create a healthy, happy, and holistic community where everyone is in balance with their mind, body, community, and environment.

When I’m not wearing my “doctor hat”, I practice Kundalini Yoga, mentor students, and teach medicine.

I am also a fervent cook and food lover: practicing food as medicine daily in my kitchen to my two biggest critics who are 3- and 5- years old. Furthermore, I make herbal tinctures and add herbs into soups as a way to support healthy, anti-aging living. 

Education and Training

  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship – UCSF, Santa Rosa, CA
  • UCSF Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program, Santa Rosa, CA
  • Doctor of Medicine – Brown University Medical School, Providence, RI
  • Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience) – Brown University PLME Program, Providence, RI 

Additional Professional Training

  • UCLA Helms Medical Acupuncture Course 
  • Jones Institute Strain Counterstrain Course
  • Osteopathy of Cranial Field Course 
  • American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 
  • Institute for Functional Medicine Course
  • Center for Mind Body Medicine Advanced Course 

Licensure, Certifications, Memberships

  • American Board of Family Medicine Board ABFM
  • American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine ABOIM
  • American Integrative and Holistic Medicine AIHM
  • Institute of Functional Medicine IFM
  • International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association IKYTA

Personal Interests

  • Cooking Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Deliciousness (Think Strawberry Glazed Donuts and Coconut Creamed Lentil Dips)
  • Painting
  • Windsurfing and Paddle boarding, or just playing with anything that will keep me afloat on a body of water
  • Enjoying the moment, especially around my kids and husband

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