High Performance Coaching

Are you frustrated, or feeling uncertain, or feeling stuck in your personal life or professional life ?

Are you drowning in stress, overwhelm and uncertainly, and feel like you are farther away from your big goals and dreams?

Are you afraid of burning out when you take your mission and purpose to the next level?

Do you feel a deep passion but lack the momentum or the ‘how’ to take the next step, or running around feeling you don’t have enough time or resources?

Take back control of YOUR life.

Do you wish to be as productive, influential and successful as you want to be and show up in your best self more often?

Do you wish to live a life of GREAT ABUNDANCE, JOY and SATISFACTION?

Are you ready for TRANSFORMATION?

I can help you.

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“When I started working with a high performance coach a few years ago, I already have the passion, the energy, and the training to do a lot of the stuff that I love to do because I learned a lot as a specialist for patients with emotional and physical burnout. I had good relationships, I was happy, but I didn’t always feel the confidence in all areas, and I didn’t feel congruent to my highest self in all areas. In my case, I was shy about being an empath, an intuitive, and I’d hide that at all cost in my professional settings as a doctor.  After only 3 months learning some of the key habits from high performance coaching, such as seeking clarity, and developing courage, I developed a clear sense of priority and motivation, along with identifying my fears that holds me back. After 40 years, I finally began to show up in my own skin more than ever. Not only did I deliver a talk about the gift of being an empath as a doctor in front of 100s of medical professionals, afterwards, people came up to me in tears grateful for helping them telling their story too. There’s a quote that says, “A good coach changes the game, and a great coach changes a life.” My life have completely shifted, and it’s like I opened up a new resource in my life, and I have become a better clinician, a better colleague, leader, and parent. Most importantly, I’m no longer drained from the emotional fears, or concerns that comes with being in congruent to my truest self. I am focused in making sure joy, confidence and authenticity show up in every detail of my life. Best of all, I can share with my kids how to live this new life in vibrancy every day.”

Onna Lo’s Story

High performance coaching uses a 90 day framework that increases performance in the 6 pillars of high performance researched and proven by Brendon Burchard. It will move you forward in a holistic way. This process help you develop habits guided by deep inquiries and precise actions that will give you more clarity & energy, increase productivity, let go of barriers and old patterns that don’t serve you anymore, and have more positive influence to the people around you. This comprehensive approach helps you perform in a higher level in a daily basis that is authentic, courageous, forward moving and heart centered so that you continue to live your best self, with more joy, more heart, and moving to your true rhythm without burning out.

I’d like to teach you:

– How the world’s most accomplished and influential people THINK
– Why you’ve been so exhausted (and what to do about it immediately)
– Why most people FAIL at managing their time and day
– The #1 secret you MUST follow to have more INFLUENCE with people
– How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction, and FINALLY gain momentum in life

I want to give you the exact strategies and questions the world’s most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, handle conflicts and drive their passion and purpose.

– Gain CLARITY in your priorities and motivations; in what’s driving you or holding you back; in knowing where to bring you focus for the best results.

– Stay CONGRUENT to your highest self.

– Be CHALLENGED through an open attitude to think bigger, have more positive impact on people you care about, and to rise up over the noises and distractions and negativities of your environment.

Create ABUNDANCE in time and resources; so you can get more accomplished with less time and energy while producing the outcome that you are proud of.

Ready for transformation?

Step 1. Fill out this application here today.

Step 2. Schedule a 1 hour strategy session with me here to discover your potential for more energy, more confidence, and heart centered transformations in your life.

The program is 90 days. You will be provided weekly 1 hour coaching, in person or by phone, weekly written correspondence, to support progress, and hand tailored assignments proven to increase performance. For group coaching, programs are opened every 6 months, with group video calls and discussion forums for support. Fill out the form, and let’s hop on the phone and connect.

Disclaimer: By becoming a high performance coaching client, you will not be establishing a patient relationship with Dr. Onna Lo. Your sessions will be based on the coaching system certified by High Performance Institute.