High Performance Coaching:
Lead with your heart.
Speak your truth.
Live in vitality.

Are you ready to let go of stress, overwhelm and uncertainty?

Are you ready to navigate life with ease and joy?

Do you want to maximize your impact and success in your career and leadership without sacrificing family, lifestyle or income?

Areas of Specialty

If you wish to ...

in your priorities and motivations; in what’s driving you or holding you back; in knowing where to bring you focus for the best results. 

Showing up authentically, so all your energy, thoughts and time are dedicated to nurturing this self. Imagine letting go of that negative, self critical voice, “you are not enough” voice in your mind.

Find your voice as a leader and collaborator so you can create more impact.

that propels you towards your soul’s mission, without compromising your health and relationships.

through an open attitude to think bigger, have more positive impact on people you care about, and to rise up over the noises and distractions and negativities of your environment

in time and resources; so you can get more accomplished with less time and energy while producing the outcome that you are proud of.


My Story

On my quest to reverse and prevent burn out emotionally and physically for myself and my patients now for more than 10 years, this is a crucial piece that completes the puzzle!  Mindset is everything, especially when I want to live life guided by our hearts.

This form of transformational coaching has been instrumental in helping me discover what it means to show up authentically and fearlessly in all areas of my life.  It also gives voice and clarity to dreams that I never imagined to achieve.  As an empath, this framework has also helped me articulate my intuition and feelings more clearly and effectively with my patients, my team, and my children.  I found my voice in writing, in public speaking, in high level leadership positions that I used to shy away from. I am no longer reactive to unexpected ups and downs of my day to day and let it dictate emotions, or fearful of situations that I might not be ready for or handle. Instead I am a proactive participant in designing my life. 

Now I am a more engaging clinician, a braver leader, and more confident parent. Most importantly, I’m no longer drained from the emotional fears, or concerns that comes with being incongruent to my truest self.  Now joy, confidence and authenticity show up in every detail of my life. I am energized every day. Best of all, I can share this with my family, my patients and potentially YOU.

What successes do my professional clients have?

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Disclaimer: By becoming a high performance coaching client, you will not be establishing a patient relationship with Dr. Onna Lo. Your sessions will be based on the coaching system certified by High Performance Institute.