Happy Health Essentials Program

A 6 month clinical program with comprehensive review of your health concerns and treatment with a physician. It is intended to empower you with the best results and personalized support with functional medicine labs and genomic analysis, disease diagnosis, and treatment plan

Imagine being guided through a comprehensive learning experience by a clinical expert that helps you take control of your own health. – California residents only –

High Performance Coaching

A life changing coaching program that upshift your vitality, joy and outlook in life.  If you want to design your life and career so you can shine more authentically, speak and people listen, act and results happen, so that you have more time and freedom to enjoy your life,  look right here!


An online course tailored to busy women that upshifts your mindset, metabolism, body awareness and nutrition plans so you can have more energy, feel more joy, vitality and confidence in just 4 weeks. 

Online Webinars

Register for Dr. Lo’s upcoming webinars or access archived webinars on topics that help you rebuild your health and boost your vitality through strengthening your mindset, metabolism, hormones, and relaxation techniques.  


Other Services

Executive Physicals
Functional Genomic Consultation
Invite Dr. Lo to speak

Are you ready to reclaim your energy with my 14 days to health video series?