Happy Health Brain Longevity Program – per Bredesen’s Recode Program

Dr. Onna has been trained through the Reverse Cognitive Decline Program from Institute of Function Medicine developed and taught by Bredesen. The clinic is now accepting patients in pursuing cognitive optimization through Bredesen‘s protocol.

Bredesen’s Protocol in our clinic includes:

  • Full Health History and Clinical Assessment
  • Cognitive Assessment
  • Comprehensive COGNOSCOPY
    • An extensive set of lab evaluation, lifestyle questions & physical exam findings that fulfill the requirements of Dr.Bredesen‘s Recode Report
  • Includes APOE, MTHFR genes
  • Includes hormonal, nutritional and cardiometabolic, immune status
  • Assessment of Mold at home environment
  • Personalized Supplement treatment plan per Bredesen Protocol
  • Personalized Lifestyle Plan
  • Health Coach Support
  • Community Support group (in the works)

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Happy Brain Reboot – 10 Module Online Program

  • Coming Soon
  • A comprehensive Self Paced, video assisted program that walks you through ketogenic diet, lifestyle optimization, hormone optimization, environmental and liver detox, mind body tools for brain revitalization
  • Weekly Q and A lead by Physician and Health Coach