Today, let’s discuss how you can feel more energy.

Physical activity increases your cognitive performances, improve mood, and help you sleep deeper.  It also balances hormones and sustain weight loss.

We have to combat our sedentary lifestyle, start moving, and stopping sitting more than an hour at a time.  Excessive sitting a flexed position can cause back problems.  Watch Dr. Eric Goodman’s TED talk and learn how sitting negatively impacts our back.


Here are my 2 big tips:

1.  Follow the 25-5 rule.  

  1. Take a 5 min moving break every 25 minutes.  Go to the bathroom, do 10 reps of push up, cross crawl, a few rounds of Sun Salutations.  Use the Timeout app, or Workrave app, or on your desktop to schedule breaks on your screen on any device.  
  2. Check out a popular high intensity circuit training called 7 minute work out.  Download the app for iOS and Android and your Desktop.

2.  Increase non exercise physical activities. 

  1. Cut out unnecessary driving by biking, commuting, walking.
  2. Use a standing desk (make one for cheap) and use a balance ball like the Bosu Balance Ball at your desk to keep your core muscles engaged.
  3. Find out how many steps you walk per day, and increase it by 1000 steps until you reach 10,000 steps!


Happy MOVING your body!!!

Dr. Onna Lo

Demo for Sun Salutation.  Click on photo:  


BOSU Balance Ball


The 7 minute workout by Gretchen Reynolds.  

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