There never seems to be enough time.

You want time to go places, and be with people and do tasks.  But there always seem to be a shortage of time.

1.  Plan and prioritize.  

We need to evaluate what we really want to use our time for. We need to have a clear sense of priority and desire, the WHY, to help us choose.

Write on a piece of paper 5 areas that you want to nurture in your life. The YES list. Visualize clearly those 5 things, feel them, hear them and even smell them. So that it’s easier for you to NOT commit to tasks not serving that priority list.

2.  Learning to say no. 

This will leave room for things on the YES list.  Look at the list you just made.

3.  Schedule yourself first. 

This is a simple practice of just penciling time for your priorities in your calendar.  Make yourself on the receiving end of your commitment that you don’t want to let down.  

4.  Schedule resting / down time. 

Like the 25-5 rule, where you get up every 25 minutes so you can move for 5 minutes. Schedule creative time, so you can create your vision, and map out your path to that vision. 

5.  “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning” 

This means schedule your worst task, or most important task first thing in the morning, so by the time you are done, you are….done. No need to procrastinate. 

6.  Letting go of “Wait Time” and turn it to “Refresher Time” 

We can’t control times when we are kept in waiting.  Like in traffic, or in an airport, or at the store. So catch your breath.  Close your eyes.  Meditate for 3 minutes.  Do a few stretches.  Soon you’ll look forward to those sudden gifts of a quick break.

7.  Eliminate Distractions.  

If you find  yourself overwhelmed by the volume of social media notifications and emails each day, then it is crucial that you pay attention to these distractions, and find a place for them.  This will help you decrease clutter in your schedule. Attached below is a short bonus video on this topic. 

So this concludes our 14 days to Health series.  I hope you have learned simple ways that can improve your diet, exercise, lifestyle, so that you can feel more energized and happy.

Watch for my final email tomorrow that will give you some next steps you can take to integrate all these tips. I will attach a few bonus topics on fighting inflammation, and strengthening your lymphatic system.

See you for our next steps tomorrow!

Dr. Onna



Bonus: Eliminate Distractions