Today I want to encourage you to take the plunge and give it cold showers a try, and use it to leverage to optimize your health.

Try the following sequence.

Expose the arms and legs first, then from chin, down to neck where your thyroid is.  Then breast and armpit, where theres lots of lymph nodes.  Then down to belly and switch to your back and kidneys.  

Avoid getting your hair wet.

Use Breath of Fire to help channel that intense reaction at first.  Breath powerfully through your nose, and pump your belly IN (inhale) and OUT (exhale) fast. 

Or scream “HOLY HOLY!!!!”  or “GOD!!!” and celebrate this invigorating, empowering experience.

Try this at the coldest temperature for 2 minutes and build up to 5 minutes.  

Happy taking a cold plunge!

Dr. Onna