“…I feel markedly healthier, happier and most grateful for the quality of life that Dr. Lo has helped me maintain. Hence, I recommend Dr. Lo without reservation. I know of no other doctor with her combination of extensive knowledge and experience in the vast array of medical (mainstream and alternative) treatment options and with her holistic methodology and passion to help her clients achieve a healthier, happier and whole life.”

screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-7-52-45-pm~Lupe L. 2016

“Our 1st session totally changed the perspective of my condition and opened the possibilities to a better physical and spiritual health. My prolonged cough stopped right away after following Dr. Onna’s advise. She is professional, intelligent and a very very good person. It was an eye opening experience.”

~Yoko W. 2015

“I would like to tell how pleased I am about Dr Onna Lo’s treatment. Suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and insomnia since 2012, most doctors I have worked with could have only been able to address these issues temporarily and couldn’t address the underlying problem. Onna’s approach to my symptoms were comprehensive and she diagnosed me with MTHFR mutation. Our nutritional support plan has been highly effective and the symptoms I have been suffering from for the past several years are resolved in just a couple of weeks. I don’t remember myself feeling any better since my childhood both physically and cognitively. I would recommend Onna to anyone who are suffering from chronic fatigue.”
~Burcu D. 2016

“… (Dr. Lo) is an Integrative physician in the truest sense – blending various treatment modalities from a variety of disciplines in order to provide a truly holistic approach to treatment while still being evidence-based and firmly rooted in science. …she is also such a warm and caring physician, with a healing presence. She’s not only helped me tremendously with my own health, but inspired me professionally … I am so lucky to have found Dr. Lo, and would recommend her wholeheartedly. “
img_f6e6d8a45345-1~Sarah A. 2016