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Plains Black headed snake 21. The European colubrid called grass snake (Natrix natrix) is unrelated. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) About Me.

Black racer snakes out glosses its duller cousin, the black rat snake, whose skin offers up a dull, ridged appearance. However, it is not considered dangerous to humans. Common king snake … ... Racer Coluber constrictor. Eastern racer 17. They are approximately an inch long and one-half inch in diameter and their surface is diffusely covered by many small firm bumps. In fact eleven different subspecies inhabit almost every state in the lower 48 states. It feeds on a variety of rodents, including voles, rats, pocket gophers and young prairie dogs. Eastern hognose snake 5. When threatened, this snake will shake its tail against dry leaves which sounds remarkably like a Crotalus horridus, Timber Rattlesnake! Opheodrys aestivus, commonly known as the rough green snake, is a nonvenomous North American colubrid. No comments: Post a Comment. Gopher snakes are the largest Snakes in Kansas reaching lengths Habits: Spends much of its life below ground; emerges on ground surface during times of high humidity. Eleven subspecies, including the nominotypical subspecies, are recognized, which as a group are commonly referred to as the eastern racers. Western rat snake 3. Scientific Name Coluber constrictor.

Black Racer (Coluber constrictor) is the general name for one of the most widespread of all the snakes native to the United States. Alarming Fact. Western Worm snake 15. The black body with side stripes makes it a very easy snake to identify. Brown snake 13. The blue racer snake is found in many parts of the United States, and a limited area of Canada. Posted by Viplove Ukey at 10:54 AM. Prairie ring neck snake 14. This snake has enlarged grooved teeth near the back of the upper jaw and secretes a mildly toxic saliva to incapacitate its prey. The belly may be yellow, cream, or light blue gray. Plains garter snake 10. Ring neck snake … Not many people associate Kansas with Kansas snakes. Family Solid Toothed & Rear Fanged. Eastern hognose snake 5. Newer Post Older Post Home. Gopher Snake Also known as the bullsnake, this snake is found throughout Kansas but is most common in the central and western prairies. This snake has a hunting range of 25 acres, but is not territorial. Scientific Name Tantilla nigriceps. Douglas County Snakes 1. Lined snake 11. Because it is situated in the center of the United States, Kansas ranks up at the top of the snake diversity list with approximately forty different snake species. Western Worm snake 39.

Redbelly snake* Douglas County Snakes 1. Ring neck snake 19. Bull snake or Gopher snake 2. Common garter snake 9. Snake eggs can be especially difficult to distinguish from one species to another, however, the North American Racer is the only species in Kansas that has roughly textured eggs. Click on the each picture to go to the Kansas Herpetofaunal Atlas species account, or another site, to learn more about the snake species you are interested n. If you want more information you can download “A Pocket Guide to Kansas Snakes” by Suzanne Collins. This nonvenomous snake … Description Size: […]
The species is endemic to North America and Central America. Average Length 39cm. The back has distinct blue-gray scales.

Some of the most common snake species found on the Kansas River are shown below. It is sometimes called grass snake or green grass snake, but these names are more commonly applied to the smooth green snake (Opheodrys vernalis).