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Identifying oneself with a particular title, slogan, etc. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I refuse to purchase or use the Gaussian software.

By Michael Frisch, President, Gaussian, Inc. Gaussian's naugthy list. It has been continuously updated since then.

It is written in a combination of GAUSSIAN is a computational chemistry software program, ... and peers who permit such scientists access to the software have also been "banned" from using it; according to, the list of scientists so banned included John Pople (the program's initial creator) prior to his death in 2004. Adj. I'm going to assume that N is odd to make my life easier.

Quantum Espresso (QE) [15]: QE is another open-source, free software suite for DFT. Comments on the “Banned by Gaussian” Website. Antonyms for banned. It is operated through a collaboration between MIT, Princeton (probably why they are banned from Gaussian), and multiple European Universities; it is coordinated by Paolo Giannozzi. But, really, if anybody should be allowed to, it should be Pople, no? I also think that Gaussian Inc only allows the use of executables without source code at universities were there are competitors, but I could be wrong. What you can do is create a grid of 2D spatial co-ordinates using meshgrid that is the same size as the Gaussian filter mask you are creating. What are synonyms for banned?

This web site is a collection of half-truths and outright misstatements.


To address every misrepresentation would produce a very long document, so I will limit myself to addressing some of the more outrageous statements and implications. It’s no joke.

By in large it was created, developed, and perfected by most of the people who are now banned from using it. The state of Massachusetts has banned a wide variety of materials from entering landfills, including white goods, CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, curbside recyclables such as cans, bottles and paper, tires, batteries, yard debris and C&D material including concrete, asphalt pavement, bricks, wood and metals.

I understand why Gaussian wouldn’t want Pople modifying their program. Gaussian is a computer program for computational chemistry initially released in 1970 by John Pople. Banned by Gaussian. Create Gaussian Mask. With the stated support for or of something.

Gaussian is an important tool for many chemists, but it’s has also been a center of controversy. Hello there!

Gaussian / ˈ ɡ aʊ s i ə n / is a general purpose computational chemistry software package initially released in 1970 by John Pople and his research group at Carnegie Mellon University as Gaussian 70.

under the banner (of) (something) 1. The latest comment about the response from Gaussian Inc needs sourcing. Gaussian for their DFT calculations[7].

Gaussian 03 is used by chemists, chemical engineers, biochemists, physicists and others for research in established and emerging areas of chemical interest. ... You will find the arguments of banned users here and the response of Gaussian, Inc. here. This section is, as the last editor of it commented, now more NPOV, but it dominates the article.

Synonyms for banned in Free Thesaurus.

Banned by Gaussian synonyms, Banned by Gaussian pronunciation, Banned by Gaussian translation, English dictionary definition of Banned by Gaussian. 1 synonym for banned: prohibited.

This usage is always followed by "of (something)." Comment by sam — August 31, 2006 # According to the Gaussian website, every university that has previously been banned has …

Gaussian - of or relating to Karl Gauss or his mathematical theories of magnetics or electricity or astronomy or probability; "Gaussian … Before they officially formed their nonprofit as you know it today, they went under the banner "Green Jobs for Good." Since its commercial release a number of individuals and institutions have been Banned by Gaussian (BBG), which means they are prohibited by Gaussian Inc. from purchasing or using any version of Gaussian software.

I was wondering if anyone here was in said list (or fully banned), or if anyone knows someone who is. This will allow for the spatial co-ordinates to be symmetric all around the mask. License agreement. 1.